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After the epidemic, everything recovers, Dalian Jinjie Glue will help you 2020-06-12

The impact of the epidemic on the national economy is obvious to all. After the epidemic, everything has recovered, and all companies have resumed work, hoping to create greater glories.

For industrial companies, the evolution of production processes is the key to improving production efficiency and product quality, and high sealing levels are the key to many companies' leap in product quality.

The addition of Dalian Jinjie Polyurethane Field Sealing Foaming Glue Applicator can help you achieve a qualitative leap.

Nine years of precision manufacturing and concentrated research on chemicals and machinery have enabled us to occupy a unique field in China's rubber coating industry, with customers all over the country and abroad, participating in and witnessing the development of many enterprises.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic on Chinese companies, Dalian Jinjie Innovation decided to contribute its efforts to companies that need equipment: "Customers who purchase machines in April will be given a subsidy of 10,000 yuan and 100 kg of glue."

Love is boundless, Dalian Jinjie Coating is willing to overcome the current difficulties together with Chinese enterprises, stabilize production, and create a brilliant tomorrow.

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