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Aluminium Profile Heat insulating machine
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Product Details

Hiqh quality aluminum profiles processing machine

This equipment has two main functions: inject the raw materialinto the groove of aluminum profiles, when the material cured, cut off the bridge; Then, the aluminum profiles obtain the functions such as heat insulation, etc. (The raw material is thermal insulation material, the glue)

Comparing with old aluminum profiles, the new one has wonderful heat insulation function, and much much stronger, especially could save a lot of cost.

Constructions and Main Parts:

  Construction Dimensions
1 Material Feeding System  
2 Glue-injection machine 1200*1400*2100H mm
3 4 Conveyors 400*6000mm
4 Bridge cutting machine 1750*1110*1550H mm
5 Dust collector  

  Glue-injection machine   Bridge cutting machine
Dosing Viking metering pump Blade Dia 300mm, 350mm, or 400mm
THK: 3-4mm
Feeding Ingersolland plunger pump Driving Electric motor driving synchronous pulley
Mixing head Patent design, alloy steel Security Special protective cover, if the cover is open, or the small door for changing blade is open, the power would be cut off.
Control CNC, control raw material temprature, mixing, feeding automatically.    
Material barrel 70L, with material level controller, mixing settings, temprature controller, feeding system.    
Cleaning By dichloromethane, stainless steel material container    
Driving Electric motor driving synchronous pulley    


  Glue-injection machine Bridge cutting machine Note
Cavity Size 220W*150H mm 220W*150H mm can be adjusted for custom-made
Power 380V, 6KW 380V, 9KW Can follow the national standard
Running Speed 0~60m/min 0-60m/min  

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